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CENTRE FOR URBAN DEVELOPMENT will broadly focus on:


The "Rajasthan Shahari Vikas Kendra" (RSVK) is a state level training centre under the Rajasthan Urban Sector Development Program. The centre is dedicated to capacity building to all elected representatives and urban sector professional and support staff on „need‟ basis. This dedicated urban sector centre is set up within the premise of HCM RIPA with administrative control placed with Director General of HCM RIPA. Initial funding comes from RUIDP & DLB.

The RSVK initiated its training activities in May, 2016. The series of training Programs/Seminars were held for the urban development departments personnel in various areas like Urban Development, Human Resource, Office Procedures and Community Awareness etc. At the same time, series of Training of Trainers Programs are being conducted to prepare Master Trainers in selected areas to achieve the objective of training to all functionaries of urban sector over a period of time and continuously repeat the cycle to help creating and sustaining an environment of learning and innovation in all Urban Sector Departments. Orientation cum Sensitization Workshops at divisional level were also conducted for the capacity building of Elected Representatives and Officers of ULBs.

Objective of the RSVK

Objective of the RSVK are:

a. To develop and deliver training programs by covering 100% current elected body members by 2020 on their functions, roles and responsibilities, in the context of urban reforms. This is to be repeated to cover all newly elected body members, as and when they take charge of their ULBs

b. To incorporate gender-responsive urban governance as a key training module.

c. To provide support to the Local Self Government Department (LSGD) and ULBs in defining service delivery norms and conduct regular training programs to ensure their compliance to standards

d. To carry out studies related to urban sector / ULB reforms and document lessons learned

e. To conduct Train the Trainer (TTT) programs and to create a group of Master Trainers for speedy scale up of training program and improved outreach.


A state level "center of excellence" in urban policy, program, people and HR processes and training offerings that aims to provide "top of the line" services to all stakeholders on urban management.


a. To design, develop and deliver training and capacity building solutions on the basis of "need", "request" or "demand".

b. To enhance the skill sets of employees and elected representatives.

c. To maintain an urban sector "knowledge resource corner" within the institute and make experiences accessible to all stakeholders.

Organizational Structure of RSVK:

 S.No. Name Designation
1. Sh. Purushottam Biyani Academic Consultant
2. Dr. Reepunjaya Singh Professor (Urban Development)
3. Sh. Sunil Ajmera Financial Advisor
4. Dr. Vinita Mathur Training Specialist
5. Sh. Sumit Gupta Research Officer
6. Sh. Gaurav Gupta Course Assistant











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