List of Publications




Development Administration in Tribal Areas

(Hari Mohan Mathur, Ed., 1976) (also in Hindi, 1978)*


District Planning in Rajasthan

(Kanta Ahuja, Ed., 1977)*


Jaipur: Profile of a Changing City (Ramesh K. Arora, Rakesh Hooja and Shashi Mathur, 1977) (in collaboration with IIPA Rajasthan Branch)*


Peoples Participation in Development Process

(Ramesh K. Arora, Ed., 1979)*


Training and Administrative Development

(Ramesh K.Arora and Jagdish C. Kukar, Eds., 1979)*


Management Development : A Syndicate Approach

(N.K. Kulshrestha, 1979)*


Selection Process for the Rajasthan State General Services : A Survey (Kanta Ahuja, 1978)*


Legal Aid to the Poor

(V.K. Arora, Ed., 1986)


Administration of Education

(Pawan Chopra and V.K. Arora, Eds., 1987)*


Readings in Organizational Behaviour

(Anita, Ed., 1990)(CMS)


Womens Quest for Equality

(Anita, Ed., 1991)


Sasta Nyaya*

Case Studies in Law and Order Administration (1977)*


Administration of Law and Order (N.K. Sethi and Jagdish C. Kukar, Editors, 1975) (in collaboration with IIPA Rajasthan Branch)*


Motivation and Job Attitude (Asha Hingar)*


Management Information System (N.K. Kulshrestha, Editor, 1977)*


Senior-Subordinate Relationship

(Jagdish C. Kukar and Neelam Bajaj, 1979)*


Agrarian Reform and Rural Development

(Hari Mohan Mathur, Ed., 1977)*


Prabandh Sukta

(O.P. Joshi, 1987)*


Work Motivation

Energy Alternatives for Rural Development (Rakesh Hooja and Yogeshwar Sharma, Eds., 1985) (CMS)


Resettlement of Project-Affected People

(Hari Mohan Mathur, 1995)


Family Planning in India

(Hari Mohan Mathur, Ed., 1995)


Fascinating Rajasthan

(Dharmendra Bhatanagar, 1999)*


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th-,l- ujokuh, 1999*


Role of Media in Disaster Management (CDM)


Federalism and Inter-Governmental relations in India:

A Compilation of Presentations for Use in Training

(Rakesh Hooja and K.K. Gadeock, 2006 (CMS)


Training Monographs


Rajasthan Service Rules (S.S. Parnami, 1974)*

Rajasthan Service Rules (S.N. Bhardwaj, 1977)*

jktLFkku lsok fu;e ,l- ,l- ijukeh, 1976, 1980*

jktLFkku lsok fu;e gjh flag, 1983, 1985, 1987, 1992, 1994, 1997, 2004, 2006 (RIPA)



A Study of Rajasthan Service Rules Through Problems

(S.S. Parnami, 1974, 1979, 1985, 2006)


A Study of Pension Rules Through Problems

(S.S. Parnami, 2006)


ys[kk ekxZnfkZdk ,l-,l- ijukeh] ,l-lh- xqIrk] ,e-lh- HkkxZo] 1981*


foRr ,oa lsok fu;ekoyh 1987,1990, 1992, 1993)*


foRr fu;ekoyh 2002)*


lsok fu;ekoyh 2002)*


General Financial and Accounts Rules (Bhagwan Singh,1976,1977,1979,1980,1982)*

lkekU; foRr ,oa ys[kk fu;e Hkxoku flga,1987, 1991, 1994, 1997, 2000, 2006

lkekU; foRr ,oa ys[kk fu;e ,l-lh- O;kl ,1986*

lkekU; foRr ,oa ys[kk fu;e ,e-lh- HkkxZo,1979*


jktLFkku ;k=k HkRrk fu;e ,l-lh-xqIrk, 1980,1982,1983*

Rajasthan Travelling Allowance Rules (S.N. Bhardwaj, 1977)*

;k=k HkRrk fu;e ch-,y- ctkt, 2004, 2005


edku fdjk;k HkRrk fu;e,l-lh-xqIrk, 1990*

House Rent Allowance Rules (S.C. Gupta, 1979,1981,1983,1984,1986)*

edku fdjk;k HkRrk fu;e ch-,y- ctkt, 2004*

edku fdjk;k HkRrk fu;e ch-,y- ctkt ,oa psru dqekj tSu] 2005


jktLFkku fpfdRlk ifjp;kZ fu;e,l-lh-xqIrk, 1982,1983,1985*

Medical Reimbursement Rules (S.C. Gupta) *

fpfdRlk ifjp;kZ fu;e ch-,y- ctkt, 2004, 2005


;k=k HkRrk] edku fdjk;k HkRrk ,oa fpfdRlk ifjp;kZ fu;e ch-,y- ctkt, 1987, 1990, 1992, 1993, 1996, 1998, 2000*

;k=k HkRrk] edku fdjk;k HkRrk ,oa fpfdRlk ifjp;kZ fu;e ,l-lh-xqIrk, 1983,1986,1987,1991*


fpfdRlk ifjp;kZ ,oa edku fdjk;k HkRrk fu;e ,l-lh-xqIrk, 1980,1981*

Brief Notes on House Rent Allowance Rules and Medical Attendance Rules

(S.C. Gupta, 1979)*


Rajasthan Civil Services CCA and Conduct Rules (N.K. Sethi, 1975, 1978, 1980, 1981) *

Rajasthan Civil Services CCA and Conduct Rules (P. K. Jain, 1985, 1993, 2000)*

Rajasthan Civil Services CCA and Conduct Rules (P. K. Jain and B.L. Bajaj, 1985) *

jktLFkku vlSfud lsok,a oxhZdj.k] fu;a=.k ,oa vihy fu;e izdk'k ukjk;.k ukVk.kkh, 1985, 1993*

jktLFkku vlSfud lsok,a oxhZdj.k] fu;a=.k ,oa vihy fu;e jktsUnz Hkkukor*

jktLFkku ukxfjd lsok vkpj.k fu;e ,oa jktLFkku ukxfjd lsok oxhZdj.k] fu;a=.k o vihy fu;e

lquhy /kkjhoky, 2006)


Public Works Financial and Accounts Rules (Bhagwan Singh, 1976, 1979, 1983, 1984, 1986, 1988, 1989, 1992, 1996, 2000, 2006)


Treasury Rules (Bhagwan Singh)*

Treasury Rules (S. C. Vyas, 1983, 1985, 1988, 1992)*

dks"kkxkj fu;e ,l- ,l- cksgjk, 1995*

dks"kkxkj fu;e xtkuUn kekZ, 2004 (RIPA)


dk;kZy; izcU/k o O;oLFkk ,l-,e- kekZ] 1979,1986)*

dk;kZy; izcU/k o O;oLFkk ,l-lh- lksuh] 1987,1993)*

vf/kuLFk foHkkxksa ds dk;kZy;ksa dh dk;Zfof/k ekxZnfkZdk gsepUnz jkadk] 1979*


Budgeting (Bhagwan Singh, 1981, 1982, 1985, 1989, 1992, 1996,2006)

Pension Rules (D.C. Gupta, 1990, 1992, 1994)

isaku fu;e eueksgu yky kqDyk, 2004


jkT; chek ,oe~ izko/kk;h fuf/k ljy fu;ekoyh o izfdz;k ujsk dqekj xks;y, 2006


uohu vaaknk;h isaku ;kstuk ,oa jkT; esfMDyse ikfylh ujsk dqekj xks;y, 2006


A Summary of Forest Accounts Rules (J.G. Belani, 1973)*

Forest Accounts Rules (Sohan Lal Harsh, 1990, 1994)*


Delegation of Financial Powers (S.C. Vyas, 1985, 1986, 1990)*


foHkkxh; inksUufr fu;e lwjtey dsM+oky, 2000, 2004

Purchase of Stores (Drugs and Medicines, 2005)(CMS)


Training Manual for Rajasthan Accounts Service (Institutional Phase)(1984)*


Trainees Handbook for Foundational Course for State Services (1983)*


Compendium for Ministerial Staff Trainees*


Compulsory Retirement from Government Service in Rajasthan

(S.S. Parnami)*


Functional Classification: A Landmark in Accounting Reforms

(Bhagwan Singh)*


Rajasthan Holdings Act, 1954(R.N. Saxena, 1977)*


Rajasthan Land Revenue Rules, 1970 (R.N. Saxena, 1977)*


Handling Law and Order Situations


Law of Bails and Disposal of Property in Criminal Cases

(Justice Mahendra Bhushan Sharma)


Legislation on Social Evils


Some Useful Hints on CPC for Presiding Officers

(Hari Singh U. Asnani,1992)*


fu.kZ; ys[ku gfj flga ;w- vLukuh] 1992


fuIiknu btjk; fcgkjh yky xqIrk] 1992


Rajasthan Land & Building Taxes Act, 1964


Stores Management (S.C. Gupta)*

Positive Approach towards Work and Initiatives (S.C. Gupta)*


Role and Functions of Ministerial Staff (S.C. Gupta)*


Meaning of Responsive and Responsible Administration (S.C. Gupta)*


Ending Poverty, Unemployment and Inequality: Experience and Strategy (H.M. Mathur, 1975)*


The Spirit of Civil Service (Arun Kumar, 1997, 2005)


Treading the Unbeaten Path (P.N. Bhandari, 1999)*


From Bondage to Freedom (I.S. Kavdia, 1999) (WRC)


vfHkou ifjorZu% volj dh pqukSfr;k ih- ,u- Hk.Mkjh, 1999

Demographic Transition and the Value of Children (John. C. Caldwell, 2001)


Population Environment and Food Security (M.S. Swaminathan, 2001)*


Right to Information: The American Context (William Feroggaro, 2001)


Salvation Through Employees Participation in Management Profit-Sharing

and Ownership (I.S. .Kavdia, 1999)


Experiments in Administrative Innovations (P.N. Bhandari, 2000,2005)


Administration, Administered and Administrator (V.I. Rajagopal, 2005)


Memories Recollected (K.K. Saxena, 2006)


VAT (D.C. Jain, 2001) (CMS)


Pension and Leave Rules for Municipal Employees (S.S. Parnami,2003) (CMS)


VAT Proposed Draft of Rajasthan Value Added Tax Act 2002 (CMS)


Conference on Social Development in Rajasthan Breaking the Barriers (2001) (CMS)


ojlk&tu lgHkkfxrk (CMS)

ty xzg.k fodkl ny ds lnL;ksa dh Hkwfedk ,oa mRrjnkf;Rro (CMS)


Lo;a lgk;rk lewg A D;ks cus ? dSls cus ? D;k djsa ? (CMS)


Computer Fundamentals (Rakesh Singhal, 2000, 2001)


Filing The State Away (Arun Shourie, 2004, 2006) (CGG)


Communication Skills for Doctors (Neeraj Gupta, 2005) (CMS)


Managing Organizational Change (Neeraj Gupta, 2004) (CMS)


Indian Judiciary in the 21st Century : Role and Constraints ( Justice B.P. Singh 2007)


vkx (2002, 2003, 2005, 2007)(CDM)


lw[kk (2002, 2003, 2005, 2007)(CDM)


izkFkfed mipkj (2002, 2003, 2005, 2007) (CDM)


ck<+ (2002, 2003, 2005, 2007) (CDM)


HkwdEi (2002, 2003, 2005, 2007) (CDM)


ce foLQksV (2005, 2007) (CDM)


egkekjh@yw@rki?kkr@khrygj (2005, 2007) (CDM)


vkink izca/ku D;k djsa D;k u djs (2005, 2007) (CDM)


ekulwu iwoZ rS;kfj;ka (2005, 2007) (CDM)


tkx Hkk;k tkx (2007) (CGG)


vkSj iIiw ikl gks x;k (2007) (CGG)



Occasional Monographs

Civil Service Training: Some Issues and Problems (1976)*


Sources of Indian Bureacuractic Behaviour: Organisational Environment and Political Pressures in Rajasthan (Kuldeep Mathur, 1976)*


J.C. Kukkar, Evaluating Training Effectiveness: The SIPA Educational Administration Programme, 1976)


Students, Police and Campus Unrest : A Study of Images and Perceptions (C.P. Bhambhri and Kuldeep Mathur, 1972)*


Structural Adjustment and Economic Reforms: The Rajasthan Strategy (Adarsh Kishore, 1995)*


Multidisciplinary Management of Irrigation Schemes and the Command Areas Approach in India (Rakesh Hooja, 1995)*


District Planning Practice and Theory with Special Reference to How To Aspects (Rakesh Hooja, 1998)*


Constitutionalization and Beyond: Panchayats as Institutoins of Self-Governance and as Instruments for Development (Rakesh Hooja and Meenakshi Hooja, 2005)


Ex-Gratia/Compassionate Appointments as aGoodwill Gesture of the Government: The Haryana Experience (Sanjay Kothari and Kiran Lekha Walia, 2005)


Migration and Trade in Services in a Globalised World: Implications for National and International Leadership (Sandeep Verma)


Capacity Building for Rajasthans Panchayat Representatives and Functionaries:

What the Training Efforts Should Cover? (Rakesh Hooja)


Global Partnerships in Development: Focus on the Health Sector (Sreya Guha)


Globalization and Contemporary Social Life (V. Srinivas)


Electronic Government Procurement in India: A Framework Analysis of Access to Knowledge and Access to Opportunity (Sandeep Verma)


Local Government and Federalism in India (Rakesh Hooja)


Globalisation and Liberalisation in India Agriculture: An Economic Measures Analysis (Ritu Singh)


Sharing of Risks and Rewards in Public-Private Partnerships for Conservation and Management of Heritage Monuments in India Exploring the Possible Contours of a Model Concession Agreement (Sandeep Verma)


Reforms at State Level and Below: Some Views (Rakesh Hooja)


Course Reports


Prospects of Planning in India (2002) (CMS)

Workshop on Public-Private Partnership: Capacity Building Programme for the Developing Countries (2005) (CTI/CGG)


National Consultation on Good Governance (2005) (CGG)


Drought Management and Administrative Reforms: An All India Perspective (2007) (CDM)


Impact Assessment of Trainer Development Programmes and Faculty Development Scheme (WCRC)


Conclave on Good Governance, December 18-21, 2006 (2006) (CGG)


Foundation Training Programme for State Service Officers, 2006

(May 1 to August 11, 2006) (2007) (RIPA)


Training Reprints


Perception of Administration (2005)


Panchayati Raj: Continuity and Change in Rajasthan

(Rakesh Hooja and Meenakshi Hooja, 2005)


Motivation (M.L. Mehta, Jagdish C. Kukar and Meenakshi Hooja, 2005)


Reflection Occasioned by New Guidelines for Disaster for District Planning by Panchayati Raj Institutions (Rakesh Hooja, 2007)


Premises and Perspectives in Public Administration (Ramesh K. Arora, 2007)


Disaster Management and Drought-Related Administration (Rakesh Hooja, 2007)


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