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RIPA's publications cover a wide range of subjects of interest to both administrators and academics. Its publication programme started in 1972 when it published a couple of training monographs and launched a journal - Prashasnika. The journal, which has now completed three decades of its publication, focuses on the study of administrative processes in developing countries. Articles of both training utility and academic interest are included in it. It enjoy a noteworthy circulation in and outside the country.

The institute also arranges, from time to time, publication of books, volumes and research studies, which are not only of interest of administrators and others but also have policy relevance for the state government and serve as training as well. So far, about twenty such books have already been published.

In order to develop training material, which enables learning with minimal efforts, the institute also prepares background papers, reading material and case studies in the form of training monographs. So far, it has published more than 100 training monographs on various subjects. Besides, occasional papers, which aim at making quickly available research finidngs on innovative policy initiatives and implementation strategies, are also brought out.

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